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john gaulke

I had gotten poison oak one summer and didn't know what I had! after asking others what do think this is they replyed poison ivy or oak ! after searching the internet and got the typical cures with not much luck of a cure I thought to myself what is poision ivy ?? its a oil !that gets under your skin layers ! and what is the best thing for sucking up oil 'well what do I use for the oil mess thats on the floor after I change my car oil' well floor dry !! It is a clay based material that sucks up oil!!so what I did was to put some good grade floor dry 'there are good and not so good floor drys out there get some from a auto parts store ' in my blender and wiped it into a powder then I sprinkled on to the infected airias and like magic the itching was gone and the blisters seemed to vanish in just days I had a light contact on my foot and it was just a red pach and in just hours the red was gone!! cheep and I thought it was the best thing that I used

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