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Pour some vodka or vinegar in your hand and rub them on the ill person's legs from the knees down to the toes, rub the back of the legs as well. Do both legs. Make the person put socks on their feet and cover themselves in a blanket.

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I remember a mom who gave this remedy for fever reducing. She used Vodka or made a pan of mild vinger and water solution.

She told the one getting it was stripped naked. Put on a table on a towel. She gave the wiping head to toe. When they got cold or chilled did not give cover or clothing. Laid there for about 20 min or longer.

Sometimes the wiping was filled by enemas!


Sorry not " filled "

Darn auto correct.

Meant to type "followed"

She would give enema a few hours after the wiping.


Keep in mind that an enema cleans out the good bacteria that your body needs and increased chances of infection in the digestive track.

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