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Jesus. I'm sorry to hear all the suffering from all the people here, but you really should all get to a dentist. Untreated tooth infections are very serious. Among other things they can lead to problems with your heart that will be WAY more expensive than getting a tooth filled or pulled. Not to mention the fact that it can kill you.

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No kidding, really? It never occurred to me to 'go see a Dentist'. Oh wait, yes it did! Shame that I can't PAY to 'go see a Dentist', since they keep charging more and I keep getting paid less!

Do you often type something without thinking first?


You f***ing retard!!! Why do you bother? ?


First off why are you even here if you see a dentist like you say you do... I'm 56 yrs old spent so much money on root canals and then to have them pulled not too long later. Not only do I not have the money now to get them pulled but it is Sunday.. no dentist.. and these people are in pain and looking for help, not advise.. I have tried everything.. best is hot salted water then add some gel (oragel / ambesol) sometimes the garlic/salt rub works but hurts more at first for a while, but eventually swelling and pain subsides.

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