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Jesus. I'm sorry to hear all the suffering from all the people here, but you really should all get to a dentist. Untreated tooth infections are very serious. Among other things they can lead to problems with your heart that will be WAY more expensive than getting a tooth filled or pulled. Not to mention the fact that it can kill you.

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Donna Kay

A lot of people can not go to a dentist because they have NO insurance. I do not know of a dentist that will accept a person without insurance. My hours have gone from 50 a week to 25 so my employer will not have to have insurance. Self help is often the ONLY means the working poor have.


Yes it can be serious or even kill you but if you cannot afford to go to the dentist then there is not a lot of other options but try and do home remedies. My own brother died of a toothache that lead to infections that went to his heart, yet my tooth problem cannot be repaired because I lack the money to fix it.


What an Idiot ! You think people don't know the hazards of NOT treating a dental problem ? It all comes down to MONEY !!!! No Dentist I called cares about my financial problem !


illegal immigrants get free dental, but not me ?


I actually have dental insurance, but it only covers 50%. So if I want them to fix it, I will have to pay $800 out of pocket first. Dentist don't do payment plans or mail you bills after they fix you. But rest asured, if I have a heart attack, my health insurance WILL cover that, so I'll take my chances.


When in this much pain don't you think people would go to the dentist if they had the money?


you mam or sir your an ass to think that people at this time and age can afford a dentist with all this country is going through that home remedies is all we have there are no dentist that care atleast i have not met them but if your so concered about our teeth problems you pay for all of us so we can go to the dentist.

Lydia Flores

Yes this is very true about the insurance and all, but what about those of us who are disabled with a tight budget, rent, electricity, groceries ect.....and then a dentist? There's just no way at all! If they accept medicare, it will be only be for extractions,and I'm not ready to lose to lose 4 front teeth! Not yet anyway, good luck to all of you that are in the same boat, and God bless!




Once when I had my second painful abcess, I prayed and meditated and asked God to help me find a way to deal with the pain and what to do. I had the idea to take one of my favorite paintings off of my wall, went to the guy that did my last root canal and asked him if he would do a trade. He said certainly, and said, 'just try to relax an let me take care of this for you. I will accept the painting. I understand how artists suffer and I love to have their work!'
Sometimes thinking out of the box, prayer or meditation will bring you the solution. Maybe there is an extra job you can do for someone to pay for the expense. You can also try CareCredit, but be very, very careful not to get ripped off by them. Look them up online. At least you can get the money loan right away and if it happens to fall 'on a promotion' you might get an interest free loan. But if you don't pay on the their schedule or miss a payment you'll be in a mess as they nail you for stuff.

Dental plans, not insurance, is about $100 a year but you can save money. Thing is, stay away from Aspen. The dentists who agree to give discounts might be lousy dentists.

Dental schools and some colleges have cleanings, and deep cleanings and other things for very, very cheap. Getting an appointment might be tough but be persistent. If you are poor, you must be resourceful. God provides, one way or the other. Keep on! Ps: look up 'oil pulling', swishing your mouth for 15 minutes with coconut oil is amazing and healing. I am going to make a habit of doing it to see if I can decrease the 'pockets' of gum disease. In two days I already noticed my abcess or toothache went down and my teeth are whiter and gums pinker. Try it. Best wishes. Be rich in optimism, faith, perserverenece and joy. No one can take that from you!

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