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suffered from cold sores of the mouth since I was a child. I am now 50 years old and have not had an episode in over 3 years. Here is the cure that main stream medicine does not want you to hear..
ZINC. Zinc in the capsules, pull the capsule apart and use a q tip to dab some of the zinc onto. Apply it to the cold sore and cover it .. if it is your mouth, try to leave it on as long as possible and definitely over night. This will be your last cold sore.. it runs and hides from zinc.

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Does this work with herpes virus 2 on gentia?

In need of help

It stings a lot, I did not see the capsules at the store so I got the pills. I crushes them and put it on my lips. Is this what you meant? I hope it doesn't get all over my pillow lol but it sure does sting and I feel my lip throbbing cause of it on there

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