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Hello ! I've been diagnosed with gutatte psoriasis this month... After some research seems like a change in diet is the only way (too hard for a foodie like me but I'm ready to do anything to get rid of these super itchy spots which are everywhere). I've started oatmeal baths to relief the itching...which haven't showed great results but it does reduce the itching for a while. Back to the diet i'm planning to stop eating meat, junk, sugars, caffeine, gluten, spices...Anyone knows anything else I should avoid? I've also read that cow milk is prejudicial... my grandma insists it's not! Anyone knows what should I have instead? Read about the 'p' diet somewhere... What is it? Thanks

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no soy yogurt and no soy anything. soy is horrible for you because too many things to list but some things: high levels of phytic acid-reduces similation of calcium, phytoestrogens- cause infertility and breast cancer, antithyroid agents cause hypothyriod cancer, increases need for vitamin B12 and vitamin D, babies fed soy formula have 22,000 times more estrogen compounds in their blood than breast fed babies, giving a baby soy formula is estrogen equivalant of 5 birth control pills a day!, male physical maturation is delayed, not confirmed yet but i heard in isreal it's ILEAGAL to feed your baby soy for the first 2 years, if its not organic its 89% chance its genetically modified (GMO). please never do soy ever not even organic. yes almost all baby formula has soy in it. look up for more info. on dangers of soy


I avoided cows milk for two years when I first got p because I was told it was bad for my skin,

Two years went by and still couldn't rid my psoriasis I was a bit skinny and decide to eat lots of bread and milk to put some weight on despite what it would do to my skin

To my surprise didn't make it any worse now I drink cows milk all the time personally it doesn't make a difference to my skin how much cows milk
I have

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