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Hello ! I've been diagnosed with gutatte psoriasis this month... After some research seems like a change in diet is the only way (too hard for a foodie like me but I'm ready to do anything to get rid of these super itchy spots which are everywhere). I've started oatmeal baths to relief the itching...which haven't showed great results but it does reduce the itching for a while. Back to the diet i'm planning to stop eating meat, junk, sugars, caffeine, gluten, spices...Anyone knows anything else I should avoid? I've also read that cow milk is prejudicial... my grandma insists it's not! Anyone knows what should I have instead? Read about the 'p' diet somewhere... What is it? Thanks

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I've had server psoriasis for 15 years now, and the only way ive realised to help it is stress, and my diet. EXERCISE is the key, also eat healthy swap your breads and pasta to gluten free , and take your vitamins. Also wash your body in goats milk soap and apply natural rich creams to your skin 3 times a day
and smile


hi Zmh19. sorry about your diagnosis. its a very frustrating disease. diet is the only way i've been able to control. i posted my diet on 7-13-12 on this blog. it starts with 'i've had 'p' for 25 years'. it deals with leakt gut syndrome, inflammation, and reducing toxicity. 90% of the remedies treat the symptom not the cause so you go in a vicious cycle of temporary relief and then it always comes back. 2 corrections to the diet post. xylitol a sugar seems fairly safe in and agave sugar should be avoided at all cost. i try to back up all my info so you can research it for yourself. is an awesome resource for a lot of info on soy, artificial sugars, milk, meat, and much more. it's real simple if your on the diet your skin gets better, off it gets worse. the diet allows your body to heal itself. just let me know if i can help or direct you to a place where you can find the info. best of luck.


cows milk is extremely hard on your digestive system. rice and almond milk are good alternatives just look at the sugar content (sugar is the main cause of my 'p'). rice milk is closes in consistency and taste. whole foods sells a organic brown rice milk with zero sugar. i've started drinking raw goat milk kefir and have not noticed any flare ups. best of luck.


Thank you everyone for sharing priceless information!
Yes it's a very frustating condition but I guess we have to be positive and be willing to make the changes it requires!
Exercise, healthy diet and no stress will hopefully bring out good results !! Stress is something I find difficult to deal with, being a student in between exams and work I find it hard to manage stress which I believe is the main reason for this sudden flare-up... Has anyone got any ideas on this?
I have checked the diet... Just need to change my milk and then I'm on it! In terms of moisturisers I've been using Aveeno Lotion an the doctor has prescribed me Dripobase... Are there any other good ones out there?
Thank you so much !


Look up dr pagans treatment for psoriasis. It's all about the food and how it effects it


Zmh19-looked up diprobase contains parafin wax, phosphoric acid, antimicrobial preservative, and cetomacrogol. cetomacrogol is part of the polyethylene glycol family can cause nausea, bloating, cramps, gas, diarhhea, or hives. polyethylene glycol is toxic. paraffin wax is used in a lot of moisturizers. if you keep oxygen from getting to your 'p' patch. it will eventually go away. but its not good to not let your skin breathe and a new patch will pop up some where else. phosphoric acid don't think that can be good for your skin. remember your skin is your largest organ. a lot of things get absorbed by your skin and leach into your bloodstream thats where it causes a lot of trouble. you might think thats picky but you don't know what other toxins are get in through your skin. (shampoo, shaving cream, ect.) look up 'polyethylene glycol dangers' the first website '10 most dangerous toxic chemicals in personal care....' has some good info. to make a long story short instead of aveeno and diprobase i would just use coconut oil or almond oil. i like coconut the best its a little oily but gets absorbed by your skin fairly quickly. hopefully this helps. have a great day.


I have been dealing with Psoriasis my entire life, and it runs in my family. I strongly suggest Golden Seal Root. Its an extract. It works wonders!


Thanks everyone ! The diet seems to be working as I've not seen recent new spots. Thanks for the info on moisturizers...Amazing how we get easily fooled by marketing! Will research some more into it and try coconut and almond oil ! Alicia I've been trying dead sea salts in my it the same thing?


Definitely get rid of cow's milk from your diet. Instead substitute almond milk, coconut ice cream, soy yogurt. You might want to stay away from ALL cheese, even the dairy/casein free, gluten free stuff. My oldest daughter has guttate psoriasis brought on by dairy and she is sensitive to Daiya type cheeses (which I love that brand). I have the plaque psoriasis on my knees, elbows, and scalp and staying off of all Dairy helps tremendously!


I find that slathering on organic coconut oil just before hopping out of the shower seems to help my skin. I also have guttate psoriasis and had some pretty dramatic changes to make my senior year of college. I purchase organic coconut oil from the cooking section and scoop it into a plastic container I keep in the shower. When my skin is acting up and I'm feeling like I need to seal in even more moisture, I'll use a shea butter cream or good body butter of some sort after the coconut oil has had a chance to soak in a bit (I also recommend lounging around in sweats while you get ready for the day rather than getting directly into your clothes for the day so they don't get all greasy - plus no one likes the feeling of getting into jeans with wet lotion all over their body). Make sure you moisturize within the first 3 min of getting out of the shower to seal the moisture in your skin!!! Make sure you're drinking a ton of water. Also since being diagnosed I am now gluten free. The second I incorporate any gluten to my diet, spots will slowly show up. Avoid anything that causes inflammation: Alcohol, sugars, dairy, red meats or fatty meats, processed or fried foods, sodas/diet sodas. Seriously try to eat as pure as possible until your symptoms subside. I'm sorry for your diagnosis. I completely get it.

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