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I will share a remedy that has been helping me with my toothache pain for a long time I'm not a drug user but smoking a joint of pot will take away a toothache every time.i know most wouldn't try it but I did and it works garuntee it

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It really does and for migraines


I tried this and it made me focus on the pain more which made the pain worse.


I smoke pot daily and have the worst tooth pain and it doesn't help at all

Triple b

Weed works on people differently. It may help some and in some cases it won't. Ultimately, weed makes everything better so it worked for me.


I smoke faithfully everyday and all-day and I promise you as I sit here high as a kite typing you this that don't help my tooth still hurt like crazy and now I wondering if the fire from the joint made it worse.


This dose work hit it on a bong with a mouth full of whisky trust

Mac b

Weed is used to relax muscles aswell has getting stoned your teeth have nerves not muscles so if you wanna get high smoke it but if you want to get rid of tooth ache don't be a lazy stoner and sit there getting high well your tooth gets worse and poss infection go to the dentist and get the bastard ripped out. ,, that's the only way to solve it ......

Thanks but no thanks

Thanks but no thanks......

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