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I've had a really bad ear infection for 2 weeks now and the weather has been so bad i can't go to the doctor. so my ear infection hurts every time i swallow, talk or coughed and medicine did nothing so i put a warm wash cloth on it even works when it's cold

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Try a mix of water and white vinegar, roughly 50/50 or slightly more vinegar than water. Let it sit in your ear for a minute and then drain it out without touching your ear. I posted on this thread moments ago that if you went to a doctor and got a prescription to treat an ear infection, the medicine will smell exactly like vinegar. It should kill the infection within a day or two.


For an ear infection, throw some peroxide in it. ive had chronic ear infections since birth. that is all that has ever helped me.


peroxide full strength and a eye dropper will do the trick my friend


This really works ..but i had to keep warming a cloth .. so i filled one mens long sock with rice half way then covered it with the other sock an knoted it up then i put it in microwave for 45 seconds an it really helped an it stays warm for 30 mins or longer.....

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