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my remedy for a headache...i take a wet ray and lay it in the freezer for a few minutes..and lay it over my forehead..

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thats simple and everyone knows that! DUHHHHHHHHHHH


Not everyone knows it. I didn't. I'm not stupid. I'm just a kid, and I don't want to put chemically Tylenol in my body. So shut up, or deal with a nasty headache.


Thanks for the info. (:


Yes, not everyone knows about cold compresses. I think it also helps my head and neck pain. If you can't be nice, be quiet.


The hellis a ray??


ignore the one saying DUHHH and that everyone knows that. I have seen that post on several other home remedies tips. Apparently they are not hurting to bad that they have the time to go and post that. Thanks for the advice I didn't know that and it worked. :)

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