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I had a bad toothache 2 days ago, tried few of the remedies here. Listerine helped for a little bit, also applied with a cotton ball some vodka, releived it for a bit. Then my mom told me to lay down with a Heating pad on my face, it worked instantly. Take away here, the heating pad did the job! Thanks to all Previous posters.

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Happy Mother

Thank you so much... My daughter been having a horrible toothache , couldn't sleep at night but crying, I'm limited with money so couldn't go out and buy things for it so I search online for help, I try most of the things but then ran into yours.. the heating pad and toothpaste helped fast and she stop crying and can actually fall asleep :) Thank you...


Yes...heat helps instantly and I did use it often, but when I mentioned it to my dentist he strongly advised against it. He said that although it will relieve the pain it can also draw the infection into the face causing more problems. He told me to use a cold cloth to reduce the swelling, take some Tylenol and make a dentist appt. Personally, Tylenol does nothing for me. I take 4-5 ibuprofen and eat extra strength Orajel like its candy. That's just what I do, I am not recommending this for others.


hi i,m theresa i had tooth ache on mar 1st eveing i could not sleep so i went on the computer and looked up home remdies and found one that said to use a heating pad, well i had one of those bean bags that you heat up in in the micro wave and heated it up went back to bed with it on my cheek where my tooth was aching and fell asleep no problem best remdie i ever tried thank you who ever you were good idea thanks


I get a lot of ear aches and this totally works for ear pain as well. I have a corn bag that I used nightly for back pain. I started using it for my ear pain and finally I am not crying in pain! I am planning on doing the same tonight for my tooth


U be very carefuluser using a heating pad on a toothache,i did that once and my face got so big from the infection that my doctor was so up set with,he said the infection could go to my brain and if that happened it could be very very if u know there is infection I wouldn't use the heating pad.good luck to all that fighting a toothache

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