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Raw cabbage leaves applied to tender or swollen breasts will help alleviate pain. Replace the leaves as they wilt.

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I've had friends who have tried this method and it has worked wonderfuly for them.

Ross' mom

only problem with the cabbage leaf is the smell if you do not change the leaves fast. I could smell something rotten and could not figure out the source then remembered the leaves in my bra.


I tried the cabbage leaf on my
4 breast cysts. The results
were positive. Much more comfortable, swelling is down,
color of skin has changed and
I'm going to keep this method
going until they are gone.
Thank you for the information.


I have tried also this method and it works perfectly ...I higly recomand it


Do you cover the whole breast with the leaves?


It must be green or savoy cabbage that you use, apparently it's healing properties are linked to the chlorophyll, chill the leaves (never freeze), this isn't necessary, but the cooling effect is analgesic, score the side that will touch the breast with a fork, place in the bra and change every 20 mins or so.
As a midwife I advise mothers who don't nurse to do this, but I've never considered doing it for my cyclic breast pain, I will give it a try now I think, for the last few months I've got very painful and hot/inflammed breasts for 2 weeks of the month, normal analgesia doesn't touch it.


re cabbage leaf remedy - what kind of cabbage? White or green?

G.A.A Himanthika

In our hospital we usecold cabbage therapy for breast engorgement and it works very well


is this also useful for saggi breast after breastfeeding


is this also useful for saggi breast after breastfeeding? plz reply

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