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My wife found a toenail straightening spring clip on eBay about six months ago that clips on the nail. This clip lifts the edges of the nail and allows it to grow normally without digging into your skin. I had an ingrown nail on my big toe and it hurt just to look at it. My curved nail is now re-trained and basically grows out flat. Its easy to take on and off and you can bend the metal to the curve shape you need. I also tried the flexible carbon fiber kind of toenail brace like NailEase that you glue on top of the nail but it would not stay on. The metal clip rarely fell off and if it did I just found it inside my sock and put it back on after getting out of the shower. Just use it gradually and bend it as needed to increase the spring pressure as you go. I looked for years and tried several different solutions and it is nearly impossible to find this clip anywhere. This metal clip was simple to use and most important of all it worked. From now on when I clip my toes, I clip them in a straight line so that the ends of my toe nails extend beyond the skin on the side of the nail. No more Oragel, toothpicks, cotton and baindaids!

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There is a doctor in Toronto who does toe nail braces. she learnt from my doc Dr Walpole who created it. They are the only ones I know of who do this, I don't know why because it is brilliant! A god send for diabetics etc. he worked with ballet dancers etc! I wore braces on various toes for a few months, adjusted as the nail grew out, and now have no re-occurances 10 years later. I think Dr Walpole must be retired now but the other doctor can be reached/info obtained at; Her name is Dr Ladas. I live in New Jersey now and my daughter is suffering and I am taking her up there because everyone else just wants to remove the nail!

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