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Suffered for years on and off with this horrible thing .. Any amount of creams , then tried cider vinegar .. But unpasterised ! ...made all the difference to me .. Hope it does to anyone who tries it
..took 48 hours to start healing process . All itching stopped almost straight away . Went all crusty ( sorry) must be part the procces then skin back to normal . What a relief ..does sting momenteraly bit not for long

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I have a very severe case and so far apple cidar vinegar is the only thing that seems to work at all for me, the stronger the better it seems, but also the stronger the more painful if the infection is severe. Adding a few cups to a shallow tub for a 20 min soak is the easiest and most tolerable, but not as effective (or as painful) as a straight vinegar soak. I may try Dettol if I can find it locally and see if it works any better. But even the dilluted tub was alot more effective (and cheaper) than seeing a doctor and using the prescription strength shampoo. I just now read info that a 50/50 dilution should work fine and that adding sodium cloride (salt) increases effectiveness, also that a 30 min soak is needed (not 20 like I said above).


Here is an update from the previous comment. After I started the 30 min soaks, which did help but not fast enough, I began directly applying a mix of aprox 1/4 cup vinegar (I have tried different types and all seem about equally effective) and a tsp of salt using a cotton swab right after my diluted bath soak and again on the evening. The improvements sped up and things are getting better mostly, but if I mistakenly eat the wrong foods that have alot of sugar or yeast (like fresh made pizza) then the issue worsens. Due to slow improvements and not cured after a few weeks, today I am starting a new treatment doing a bleach bath (diluted). I will report back on results.

Scratchy mc nutz

Results please? I've had itchy nuts since I was 20 in the navy. I've went so far as putting gold bond on my's a quick and temp relief but no cure...the athletes foot one....I tell this though, acv has worked for me today. No complaints so far..

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