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Wow. Idk why people feel the need to submit awful chemicals on a home remedy site.
Aloe afterwards works pretty well. I moisturizer every so often with coconut oil, Shea butter may be better to, it cured my dry elbow where as coconut oil it always felt dry sometimes still.

Befor shaving, EXFOLIATE!!!! You should exfoliate Often anyways, I always had horrible rash and iteration. Everywhere I shaved. After exfoliati g alone it cleared up significantly. When it does flare up, I do the sensible thing. Bust out HEALTHY chemical free actual CURES. I'm sorry but man ade chemicals do not cure, they temporarily 'solve'(coverup) a problem creating bigger one (among others) in the end. Really. Vaseline for a cure? Hello petroleum.

Honestly your best bet is to play around with natural remedies. Try a oatmeal bath soak. Try honey. I bath in kefir and it makes my whole body soft in a matter of minutes.

Bottom line. Clean. Exfoliate. Moisturize.

I use baking soda alone, or with essential oils(real e.oils are organic and contain NO chemicals) sometimes making it solid but most the time powder. Works amazing. Never have b.o AND I'm letting icky bacteria and toxins get out .

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Why??? Because it's chuffing painful that's why! Clearly you don't suffer with this pain the way some of us do and I for one am grateful for any advice or personal recommendations that people have to offer. No need to get all self-righteous and holier than thou about it you pompous twit!

sexiii sue

Any powder is no where near good for your pubes area.... Especially talcum powder, studies show talcum on pubic areas causes cancer.... Research more than one site to ensure safety.....


I find it humorous when people who are uneducated truly believe there is a significant difference between 'natural' and 'artificial'. It's true that some chemicals can be 'bad' for you, but usually because of their potency.

The 'chemicals' you talk of are usually isolated from these NATURAL products you tout. Why? - because like you said, these natural products work, and they only work because of certain components within that product. For example, salicylic acid which comes from tree bark, which is now used as aspirin and as a topical cream for acne. Using it when made in a factory as a cream is really no different than rubbing the bark on your skin, (except that it's probably safer to not rub bark on your skin).

To say natural remedies cure whereas chemicals will only coverup problems, I find this preposterous. I ask you to stop using your kefir bath, and you will find your skin won't be as soft. BOTH don't 'cure', they both 'coverup' so long as they're used consistently.


How on earth do you bathe in kefir?!?!

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