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Double your doseage of water during the day. Experts say to take your weight and divide it by 2 and that is how many ounces of water you should drink a day or more. It will flush your system of all it's crap and you will have clearer skin and unchapped lips and feel more energized as well. It works for me and it's cheap.

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Sorry to tell you, but I have tried this and it does NOT work! Actually, I believe it has had a negative affect on me. Drinking so much water, I think it stretched my stomach, I have gained weight and my face has broken out more than usual. Its all the opposite, huh? Tried and failed!

123 its that simple

how does ur face break out from water if any thing it may not b a good weight loss plan but it does wonders 4 my face when I drink 2 much soda and my lips stay un chapped


Actually I have to agree. I use to be a soda freak. I couldn't stand water. Not until I found out that I could loose weight on drinking water alone so I stop drinking soda's. Well let me tell you, I've actually gained more weight. So you tell me?


My wife started consuming about 4, 16oz, bottle of water a day and she got pimples.


the pimples are from clearing out junk from the system.

and weight gain means you are retaining water. Cut down on the salt.

drink 6-12 glasses a day. if you eat lots of fruit less is better.

too much water can over work you kidneys. drink a glass before eatting.


So how do u avoid the breakouts? I already have adult acne.
Cutting out soda's and drinking all water is better for you regardless of weight loss. I heard once that soda is like liquid candy. It changed the way I thought about it. My sister opened a shaken can of big red recently and her counter, shorts & floor were never the same. Red spots to this day and it took a lot of scrubbing to get the red off her legs. Imagine what it's doing to ur insides! And have you ever seen what coke can do to battery acid? I don't think i want that in me either. I use to HATE drinking water, but i forced myself and didn't give up. Once I got use to it I surprised myself the first time I was actually craving it. I followed a diet a friend of mine was doing. She was seeing this 'diet doctor' and he gave her a simple diet to follow plus a prescription for appetite supressants/energy boosters. All I did was follow the diet and a little walking (i'm not big on exercise so i wasn't even consistant with that) and I lost 30lbs! I felt great! It took me right out of my depression too! I almost fit back into my prom dress! It was simple:
Oatmeal for breakfast, any kind or flavor for variety.
A healthy but hearty salad for lunch.
For dinner - chicken breast prepared anyway you want EXCEPT fried of course.
all the fruits and veggies you want to snack on EXCEPT corn & grapes.
My spin on it was special K cereal for breakfast when oatmeal got boring. I'm lactose intolerant so I drink fat free soy milk anyway and I water it down cause it's too thick for me. I got to where i loved water, salad & chicken. These are probably still the things I eat the most.


I myself hated water. I could go weeks without a sip, constantly grabbing for a bottle of soda or a cup of coffee. One day I decided to try to start drinking water more frequently since I knew that the soda and coffee where not at all good for me. Fast forward 3 months later. I crave water the way I used to crave soda's. I currently drink aprx. 2-3 liters a day. And yes, at first I did break out but eventually it cleared up and my skin now looks better than it has in years. Eat right, exercise and drink plently of water... 3 months, 35 lbs less and 100% more energy!!


I'll tell ya,
My whole life, I've been a big time water drinker.
I can't drink anything else, except maybe unsweetened tea, or if I'm in the mood, a soft drink, but I am NEVER able to finish off the whole can. Too sweet for me.
Every body I know drinks coffee, soda, juice, energy drinks, and in excess of 2-5 of these things a day. But never, plain old water. Our fore fahters didn't drink all that crap. Sugar was expensive back then. Even when I was pregnant, my Gyno, commented on my in womb water levels being great.
My mother just lives on strait coffee, and says she can't tolerate just plain water, and wonders why she has ulcers, and is a laxative addict.
anyway, i'm also what they call a 'Skinny B-!@#%', and I attribute this too my water drinking. It balances you out and fills your stomach, so your not so hungry. I never, EVER get constipated. Healthiest thing in the world, Y'all.


I know this is all about'Drinking water to lose weight', but I've developed something better. First, eat those little sponge things, the ones that are about the size of a cookie but equal a full meal becuz your supposed to swallow it then drink water which causes it to enlargen and make you feel full. Another way too make you stop craving fatty foods is to find disgusting facts about them. E.X., eating one bag of Potato Chips is the equivelent of drinking ten cups of oil.


Actually, you suggestion is extremely dangerous. So if I weigh 200 pounds I should drink 100 ounces of water? What 'experts' told you this?
If you drink more than eight ounces of water a day you can get something called 'water intoxication' which basically mimics the symptoms of dehydration even though the subject is way beyond hydrated. People die from this. Do you realize you could be killing people with this advice? If you don't believe me look it up.

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