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hi. just got diagnosed a week ago. it is a lot to take in, and the worst part is pretending to be fine around my family when i hate standing and sitting, and peeing. but a cold wash cloth as soon as i pee helps. i put diaper rash cream on it and they bleed, but feel better. i dont know why the doc gives meds they dnt help. it seems like im constantly looking around wondering if this person or that person has it. trying to be a trooper, but im sad because i dont know if i gave it to the one i love or vise versa but i cant be mad its done anyone can get it who is having sex. please pray 4 me.

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You are not alone. Your story sounds exactly like mine. I found out new years day 2013. Not too happy of a new year. I feel the same way as you. Now a month later it comes back so I found this website. :(


It does get easier. And yes, it can happen to anyone and everyone. A lot of people don't know they even have it. Your first outbreak is the worst. I was diagnosed in 2009 and that first year I got them almost every month. But after that it went down in frequency and now I only get them maybe once every six months and it is definitely not as bad as the first few. Hang in there. It will get better but it is still really hard. My heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.


The best thing you can do for outbreaks is start taking acyclovir for suppression. My doctor told me that shes had people go without outbreaks for 10 plus years. Yes, you have to take 200mg 2x daily... but if you prevent it, you wont have to worry about future outbreaks. It can be pricey..but, you can go to your local health department, clinic,etc. and get it at Walmart on the $4 plan.


It is strange how my mind goes there too, who has it in a room or am I the only one.
I had a vasectomy reversal and the trauma from my surgery seems to have woken a sleeping giant in me. I had the reversal because I met the love of my life. Her acceptance of me having GH is proof of how amazing she is.
I was put on Valtrex/ 1 gram tabs. I know ! Huge dose, but I would drink gasoline if I knew it would get rid of it. The Valtrex helps, but is very hard on the kidneys.
I have read good things about Colloidal Silver and will begin to use it today ( this being my second out break in two months time ) and will pray for a good out come.


maybe someone you know anything about this?resolveherpes .These drugs really cures or they lie?

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