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I am about to embark on the journey to banish stretch marks - the home made remedy way. For those who will be doing the same this is what you need -
Body scrub (mix with a little olive oil)*, cod liver oil, vitamin E oil/cream and aloe vera gel. Obviously we exfoliate first but the trick is how to do it, always make sure that you are scrubbing towards the heart - this stimulates more blood flow and is great for getting rid of cellulite. I just had my second baby and got stretch marks (none on the first) They are unsightly. I will take photos before and after to prove how this works and I will gladly offer the technique to anyone who is interested - FREE of course, we are all in the same boat.. so please do not pay $15 for the home remedy offered on another website. Email me , please put STRETCH in the subject box so I wont delete your email.... Good luck!

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Katherine E

Fiona, it sounds like you know your stuff when it comes to home remedies. I have researched this for the past several months and everything in your concoction is recommended for treating and preventing stretch marks/scars. In fact just today I bought the cod liver oil and a few of the other ingredients to make my own. And for the non the ingredients on the creams you buy in the department stores. It's some of the same things.


Hey people. This is Melody and my remedy is close to Fiona's. How can people be so mean, would you rather pay money to get remedies. Think back in the day when people didn't have pharmacies to go to. They had to create their own remedies and they passed it down to their children, then to us. There is truth to every rumor but people are DIFFERENT and not everything works on everyone. Something that worked for me may not work for you. No one can get RID of them but topical cream DOES reduce and fade their appearance. And the exfoliating helps remove dead skin and unclog the pores so that you can better absorb the remedy. Fiona is doing well. No need to diss her because you think her remedy is BS. Keep that mess you yourself. All the people that are seeing results with their remedy...GOOD JOB!


I'm having my first baby and the doc. said that stretch marks are genetic,(if your mom had them so will you), however a stretch mark is a scar and there are certain ways to get rid of them, she is right about always scrubbing towards your heart to have better blood flow. the person that I see for my spa treatments told me that. using a srub will help take dead skin off which will let you have more asorbable skin, and my aunt said that rubbing vitamin E capsules on your body will help reduce the apparence. It may not help every one because no, one person is the same but what she is saying is true and give her some credit for being nice.

Fiona Mitchell ( Doolan)

Hi my name was also Fiona Doolan. I tried this remedy - it worked for me. I also have two children and am now 48. Thanks for the remedy and to those who are being nasty - get a life.

Fiona Doolan

Hi this is Fiona Doolan, I posted this remedy just after my daughter was born, she is now over 2 years. I can safely say that the ugly stretch marks I was blessed with from my pregnancy have pratically dissappeared. I continued to use the remedy for a long time and now just do it every couple of weeks or so.

I had quite a huge response to this remedy, the remedy and its technique is described in my original posting. I do wish everyone has as much sucess with this remedy as I did. It really worked for me. Good luck to everyone who tries it!


This remedie is a bunch of bull shit. That is all I have to say. Screw 'Fiona'.


I'm a sceptic when it comes to topical solutions to stretch marks, but I'm going to try this recipe or a close variation of it and report back in 6 months to a year (assuming this site is still up and running). I'm male and I got stretch marks on my lower abdomen, upper arms and hips following the inevitable bulking up during weight training.
Why do some of you have to be such pricks about it? Being rude isn't helpful at all. If you've tried it and it didn't work, say so, but you don't need to accuse the author of being a charlatan or whatever else. It's not like she's charging you to read the recipe or sell you anything. If you've got nothing constructive to add, then don't add anything at all.


I use Raw Shea Butter and Raw African Black soap It made a big difference. But everyone is different but you can give it a try.


stretch mark.
I read your home remedy for stretch mark and I would like if you could email me and tell me what to do and how to do it,at,
thank you,
god bless!


umm y wud anyone lie abt a home remedy ? since the author has nt mentioned any specific product name wat benefit would she get out of it?
and i really dont think that stretch marks can be cured that quick ( dat includes laser too,) it took it years to reach where is has , and extreme abuse so i think it shud take also years n extreme care to go off . logically speaking i.e. i wud LOVE nothing more than gettin a cream dat works overnight .

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