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I am about to embark on the journey to banish stretch marks - the home made remedy way. For those who will be doing the same this is what you need -
Body scrub (mix with a little olive oil)*, cod liver oil, vitamin E oil/cream and aloe vera gel. Obviously we exfoliate first but the trick is how to do it, always make sure that you are scrubbing towards the heart - this stimulates more blood flow and is great for getting rid of cellulite. I just had my second baby and got stretch marks (none on the first) They are unsightly. I will take photos before and after to prove how this works and I will gladly offer the technique to anyone who is interested - FREE of course, we are all in the same boat.. so please do not pay $15 for the home remedy offered on another website. Email me , please put STRETCH in the subject box so I wont delete your email.... Good luck!

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I agree!! how can someone be so rude when all fiona is trying to do is to pass on her advice in the hope it may help someone!? I think its a very kind gesture and i for one will be giving this a try. Thankd Fiona, i have sent you a mail.


First off, scrubbing does not get rid of cellulite nor does massaging it. You have to exercise to make it less noticeable but everyone has cellulite! That should be your first clue. Secondly, stretch marks can't be removed nor can they be completely prevented. You may be able to rub lotion on your tummy that makes them less noticeable but stretch marks are hereditary and are based on your body frame and the amount of weight you gain/lose over the length of time. The marks will fade on their own although some creams help to make them appear faded more quickly. Be proud of your marks, think of them as battle scars! And remember celebrities are AIRBRUSHED!


Guys, quit bickering just give it a try and see how you get on.


I'm in physical therapy- stretch marks Are from the inside out, But with scar massage (you will feel sharp stings of pain) the skin can be seperated from the underlying tissue. The stretch marks won't ever totally disappear, but this will make them much less noticeable- don't expect see a change for at least a month (If you massage daily!)


sounds like a great home remedy. however i don't think i know where to find any aloe vera gel. can someone pls let me know of any substitutes and if this remedy really works. I've been trying pure vitamin E capsules for two weeks and my stretch marks on my stomach have began thining ( not fast enough though) so i'm looking or something a bit faster. Thanks.

Rasheeda malika

I am also on a quest to banish my stretch marks. I have severe stretch marks on my upper arms, forearms, back, breasts, and stomach. I have abused my body over the years by gaining over 100 pounds in one year!
yeah, you read it right. I kept that weight on for almost 8 years so my body has stretched to its capacity. I recently lost 60 pounds and am very happy about it but I desperately want young supple flawless skin like I had 8 years ago. for the last week I have been using a variety of treatments that I have researched for over a month. Every morning and every evening I mix regular hand lotion and coffee grounds together and I use that to exfoliate my entire body. Then with a warm wet towel I wipe off the coffee grounds. then after thoroughly rinsing my body I use Emu oil to massage into my skin. Also I am taking a supplement called hyaluronic acid, I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I have been doing this faithfully for almost a week now. I have not noticed any change in the appearance of my stretch marks but then again it has only been a week. I expect to notice a difference within the next two weeks. I will keep posting every week about my progress. If this works then I will tell every woman I know to do it.

Rasheeda Malika

I posted on this forum a couple of weeks ago about my stretch marks. It has been almost 3 weeks since I started treating my stretch marks. After the first week I didn't notice any change but now after almost 3 weeks I can definately see a difference. My stretch marks are still very visible but they are fading. I am a darkskinned African-American female with very light and very deep stretch marks. My sister even noticed a difference in the ones on my arms. I belive the exfoliation of the skin twice a day is the key to this because the texture of my skin has changed as well. I will keep posting with my progress and hopefully within the next coupld of months my stretch marks will be undetectable.





Hi Fiona:

I have terrible stretch marks on my stomach after two kids. Could you please tell me exactly how to use your remedy. Not sure if i'm suppose to mix all the ingredients together or how many times a day to do it. Thanks


I, unfortunately, CAN believe how rude people can be. It's a sad messed-up world when someone who is trying to give you some tips (FOR FREE!) is getting more negative feedback than positive feedback. I am a huge believer in natural remedies and it is true that everything we put on our bodies gets absorbed into the skin. I only use natural oils and what not for my skin and it has NEVER looked and felt better. SIGH. People really are such haters. Anyway, I know for a FACT that 100% cocoa butter worked on my stretch marks on my boobs. I am a 25 year old female who used to have a size 34D rack, then I started running and working out and my 34D went down to a 32C! My boobs had the ugliest stretch marks on them after that and I thought they would just go away after time but a year later they were still there! I then realized that I needed to try something. A friend recommended cocoa butter and I went to CVS and bought a stick of 100% cocoa butter for like $1.00 and started rubbing it on my boobs every night before bed. I did not see results until about 6 months later.... WHEN MY STRETCH MARKS WERE COMPLETELY GONE! Thats right, haters, THEY WERE GONE and STILL ARE GONE! It is obviously a long process and depends on the severity of your stretch marks, but I do believe that you can prevent them by rubbing cocoa butter and jojoba oil on your boobs and belly throughout your pregnancy. Everybody always wants instant results well im sorry everything takes time and consistency. STOP HATING AND START TRYING TO BE NICER PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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