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I am about to embark on the journey to banish stretch marks - the home made remedy way. For those who will be doing the same this is what you need -
Body scrub (mix with a little olive oil)*, cod liver oil, vitamin E oil/cream and aloe vera gel. Obviously we exfoliate first but the trick is how to do it, always make sure that you are scrubbing towards the heart - this stimulates more blood flow and is great for getting rid of cellulite. I just had my second baby and got stretch marks (none on the first) They are unsightly. I will take photos before and after to prove how this works and I will gladly offer the technique to anyone who is interested - FREE of course, we are all in the same boat.. so please do not pay $15 for the home remedy offered on another website. Email me , please put STRETCH in the subject box so I wont delete your email.... Good luck!

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This remedy is worthless.use your brains before following any remedy


Well i send her two emails and i didnt get any responce...


It's amazing to me how people lie and make false advertisments. Can we be truthful for once????????????


This chick doesn't know what she is talking about. I recognize her name, Fiona Doolan, you should go back your village. She just wants to see how many people will email her because she has a low self-esteem that she needs to laugh at other people to make her feel better about her life.


You guys are haters....let the women tell what she knws. Somethings work for some and others may work for you.


Hi, has this worked for anyonye?



I'd like to know if this has actually worked for anyone out there!

Description seems pretty effective. Hope it'll help me, though.

x, Kelly
South africa

Jen, coco butter user and stretch mark marked mama :)

Stretch marks happen from the INSIDE out ~ so using anything topical will NOT prevent them. Your skin will be nice and moisturized using any of these oil/lotion potion suggestions, but if you are like 85% of pregnant women you will get stretch marks to some degree. Sorry :(

Mary Dillon

Actually I have been trying this and it seems to be working. Fiona seems like a great girl. The remedy is detailed above. I have noticed huge a huge difference.

Fiona Doolan

Hi this is Fiona Doolan. I am quite upset that there are so many rude people out there, I posted this remedy which has worked for me and it seems for a few others too. My remedy is detailed above, there is no fee, I just wanted to share it with others. I currently do not have any ugly stretch marks on my body after two kids, gaining over 80lbs and loosing it and I am over 30! The remedy is above, everything you need to know is above - good luck! Fiona Doolan

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