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I have successfully removed two raised moles from my torso, and a larger one from my back, by simply tying them off with sewing thread until they died off. It has been well over a year for the first two, and several months for the last, and none has grown back. There is the faint scar of the base remaining, of the color of the original moles, but the skin is flat. ... A heck of a lot nicer than the ugly moles.

Take a good length of thread, and loop it around the mole, trying to keep the knot close to your skin, so you are getting as much of the mole as you can. I rubbed a little olive oil on the thread, to make it easier to 'stick' to the area as you work to tie it nice and tightly in the small area you are working on. I made a single tie, and then back around to the other side of the mole for the final double tie. Make it as tight as you can stand it. It should make you wince a bit.

After a few days, you should start to see something happening. The wart may seem to enlarge, engorge with blood, and look darker. (Mine reminded me of the body of a blood-filled tick.) If not, then you should again tie a new thread, trying to get a bit tighter. (The mole may feel tender, especially when it is in that early, enlarged state, and clothing rubbing against it or bumping into it may make you wince.) A few days into it, I did a second thread for all my tie-offs, to speed things along. I also cleaned the area a bit, with a cotton swab with alcohol or peroxide, before adding each thread...just to avoid any unnecessary soreness from infection. After that first stage, it should start to darken and shrivel. It may seem gross to witness, but it does work! Within two weeks, my moles had fallen off.

...This method has also been suggested for hemorrhoids! If you are lucky enough to have a special someone in your life who is willing to help you deal with your backside...I'd go for it, personally! lol ...It's essentially the same mechanism the doctor would use on you to remove them.

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I just did this. It works amazing! After only two days, the mole dried up and I picked it off. There are still some remnants of it around the edges, but I can deal with that using aloe and lemon juice. It does bleed, but will stop as soon as you bandage it with an alcohol prep pad (like the ones they wipe you with at the doctor before giving a vaccination) taped on with a regular bandage. It scabs over by the next morning. Just be sure to put rubbing alcohol or peroxide on it daily to prevent infection, which is what I'm doing. Once the scab is hard enough, you can also add aloe, which will prevent scarring and prevent the mole from returning. I would definitely recommend this method to anyone who can't afford a dermatologist to remove your moles for you.


I just tied my mole off using this method now, will report if it works. One piece of advice for those trying it: I had trouble tying off the string under the mole probably b/c my mole wasn't raised as high as the OP, but I grabbed the mole with tweezers in my left hand and pulled it up while I tied it off with my right. This really helped get the string as close under the mole as possible.


I've successfully removed one mole using the tying off method and I'm in the process of doing this a second time now.
Instead of using thread, I use dental floss. I simply tie the floss around the base of the (raised) mole making sure it is tight (you will feel discomfort in the area). I leave some of the string dangling, and pull on the ends each day to make sure it's tight enough to cause some discomfort in the area.
Cutting off the blood supply dries up the mole, and in about 4-5 days it's ready to fall off. I would not pick at it though... it will come off with a gentle circular rubbing motion.
The tighter you can stand the floss, the quicker the blood supply stops and the quicker the mole will dry up.
Good luck :)


I'm laughing my butt off! I used the same method u used n after a couple days it started to swell amd look like a tick! I got scared n started googling things and stubled across this. I'm waiting for this thing to come off already! !


I have tired mine off with thread n put tea tree oil on it to dry it up and keep it disinfected. I'm at the end of my first day n it's starting to get pink... Hopefully this works n doesn't take long to fall off


Tried and tested ten years ago. Hurts tying off the knot though but gets rid of moles :)

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