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I have over the past 3 months tried EVERY kind of so called 'Remedy' you could imagine to try and cure our dogs mange problem!!! All failed to do anything!!! Until that is I found virtually an instant cure!!!! try this and I will gurantee it will work every single time and is the cheapest remedy you will ever find!!!

Hydorgen Peroxide (watered down to 1% vol)98p a Bottle!!!
Borax (2 Tablespoons)£5 a kilo off Amazon!!!
200ml of Distilled water Free from ya condeser tumble dryer!!!

Mix solution throughly and add to a spray bottle, spray the infected dog once every other day.

I used this on my dog and within 5 minutes of appying she had completley stopped itching!!! Hair has grown back and she is alot happier!!! I have continued treatment for 6 weeks to make sure the Mange has fully gone. This will 100% work!!! Borax is used in many countries as a very effective pest control of many kinds of Mites,Lice and insects. Be aware tho that Borax Substitute is no good in the control of Mange!!! Borax can be purchased from Amazon for around £5.00 a Kilo!!!

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Amazing! My dog has suffered with skin allergies, flea allergies, food allergies the majority of his 5 year life..especially the last 3 yrs. Loss of hair, second degree infections, scabs and non stop itching. A constant battle.

His flea allergy is severe as one bite from a flea will send his body into a full blown attack mode on itself. Scratching, red bumps, open sores.

Food allergies- peanuts,fish,grains..likely more. Found out through process of elimination and of making homemade dog food. currently on a limited ingredient dry food that he is tolerating well.

Mange ?!- fleas and food allergy relieved and instead of getting better he got worse..violent scratching, large patches of hair loss all over- red bumps everywhere. I was beyond worried and was about to take him to the vet for the dip that others warned about being toxic. I stayed up all night trying to keep him calm, benadryll, petting and keeping him from ripping his skin open, rubbing coconut oil on the itchy areas which were so hot to touch-on fire!

I stumble upon this recipe and sponged the dip all over first thing in the morning monday. That afternoon he was not itching. I couldn't believe it! I put olive oil on his dog food to help with dryness. Two days after, I saw that he was starting to itch in one area- my heart sunk. I looked closely at his skin and it wasnt red at all and wasn't hot to touch either. I took a comb and began gently combing his skin/hair and removed lots of dry flaky stuff which appeared at first to be scabs but turned out to be the residue from the borax mixture all dried up,I think. I combed him for over an hour- underneath the dry flaky stuff was smooth normal skin! No more scratching, no red bumps, no scabs, no smell, no more raging hot spots- a very HAPPY Dog! This mixture is AMAZING! It is Sat. now and I will put some more on- he was covered in the mites and I want to make sure I got them all. I will probably leave that on a couple days and then comb again and wash him in some homemade oatmeal shampoo.

I just want to thank all of you who post solutions that work. I am so glad I tried this peroxide/borax dip before going to the vet. I am certain his immune system was too weak to handle the possibly toxic dips I have read that vets typically prescribe. I am so happy that my baby FINALLY has relief!!


Cats too?

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