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I have over the past 3 months tried EVERY kind of so called 'Remedy' you could imagine to try and cure our dogs mange problem!!! All failed to do anything!!! Until that is I found virtually an instant cure!!!! try this and I will gurantee it will work every single time and is the cheapest remedy you will ever find!!!

Hydorgen Peroxide (watered down to 1% vol)98p a Bottle!!!
Borax (2 Tablespoons)£5 a kilo off Amazon!!!
200ml of Distilled water Free from ya condeser tumble dryer!!!

Mix solution throughly and add to a spray bottle, spray the infected dog once every other day.

I used this on my dog and within 5 minutes of appying she had completley stopped itching!!! Hair has grown back and she is alot happier!!! I have continued treatment for 6 weeks to make sure the Mange has fully gone. This will 100% work!!! Borax is used in many countries as a very effective pest control of many kinds of Mites,Lice and insects. Be aware tho that Borax Substitute is no good in the control of Mange!!! Borax can be purchased from Amazon for around £5.00 a Kilo!!!

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I am confused as to how much of each item you are suppose to use.

How much 1% Peroxide???
How much water??
Borax (the detergent) is 2 tablespoons
Please answer measurements?

Mix and spray bottle and use to spray dog every other day. And you can use to clean contaminated areas.
Is that part correct.

Thank you.


Hi...I have a 8 Month old Boston Terrier...I am pretty sure he has Juvenile Mange... (I've done A LOT of research). I have been to the vet, he didn't even mention the word mange, which I found by just typing in the symptoms on google... Anyway all he want to do is put my dog under anesthetic, to do a skin scrape?... Which I will only do as a last resort... I would just like to know in how many days I should see results? So I can make the decision...


Is this borax, the same borax that is being used when melting metal (to keep metal clean).. tnx...


I am having a lot of trouble finding this in the u.k. I am going to have to purchase on line. Can you tell me please is it the 20 Mule team Borax, Borax powder (decahydrate)or crystals which I require?


DO NOT USE BORIC ACID--not the same as Borax. 20 Mule Team Borax found in the laundry isle is the one you want.


BORAX - Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate - High Purity Technical Grade

99.9% Pure Finest Quality Borax Powder.
Is this o.k to use?


Borax and peroxide really works, my dog was half bald and scratching like crazy. I took her to the vet and they were treating her with Mitaban for Demodex mange well that almost killed her she went 2 times and came home worse than when I dropped her off , finally I couldn't watch her suffer any more. So I did the borax and peroxide wash every other day for 2 weeks, and when she started to get dry skin I would use baby oil and listerine and water all equal parts and spray her down and rub it on her bald spots , now three weeks later she is finally growing HAIR!!!! Now I bathe her with the borax and peroxide 2 times a week and spray her with the listerine 2 times a week and brush her 2 times a day to keep her coat clean of any dead or drying skin. The difference in her coat is amazing. Ive been keeping a log on her baths and taking pictures 2 times a week. It takes a lot of work but it does the job. I'm hoping to have a hairy dog by Christmas. Just keep at it,your dog will love you for it. Do not rinse the borax off , the dog needs to drip dry.


gonna try this rite now. bought what u said ineeded so will get back to ya all.. hope this really is the thing :)


Hi . This is Tammy I'm back to tell you that my dog HAS HAIR all over , the borax and peroxide bath and spraying her with listerine and baby oil really did take care of her mange. She is beautiful!!! It's a lot of work , but it was so worth it. She is one happy dog!! Just wanted to give an update. :)


To Tammy when you say you bath 2 times a week, you really mean you wet her whole body or only the affected area. You bath her with the peroxine and borax or your usual shampoo. thanks

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