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I have over the past 3 months tried EVERY kind of so called 'Remedy' you could imagine to try and cure our dogs mange problem!!! All failed to do anything!!! Until that is I found virtually an instant cure!!!! try this and I will gurantee it will work every single time and is the cheapest remedy you will ever find!!!

Hydorgen Peroxide (watered down to 1% vol)98p a Bottle!!!
Borax (2 Tablespoons)£5 a kilo off Amazon!!!
200ml of Distilled water Free from ya condeser tumble dryer!!!

Mix solution throughly and add to a spray bottle, spray the infected dog once every other day.

I used this on my dog and within 5 minutes of appying she had completley stopped itching!!! Hair has grown back and she is alot happier!!! I have continued treatment for 6 weeks to make sure the Mange has fully gone. This will 100% work!!! Borax is used in many countries as a very effective pest control of many kinds of Mites,Lice and insects. Be aware tho that Borax Substitute is no good in the control of Mange!!! Borax can be purchased from Amazon for around £5.00 a Kilo!!!

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How much peroxide do you put. How do you water it down.


Is Borax laundry additive, the same ?


'To make 1% hydrogen peroxide, use 2 parts water and 1 part 3% peroxide. For example, ½ cup of water and ¼ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide = ¾ cup of 1% hydrogen peroxide.'

www dot using-hydrogen-peroxide dot com/Concentrations-of-hydrogen-peroxide dot html


Can I use this treatment on my 8 week old puppy?


My bull Arab picked up mange on the farm from the foxes. I found the borax peroxide and water deffinately worked. I put it on 20 minutes ago and he hasn't scratched once. Thankyou. It reall works.


just like you i had tried everything but this is really working so just wanted to say a very big thank you!!


My brother did this with his pit and i did it with my pit and my chiweenie and its the only home remedy that worked


I ordered 17.5% food grade hydrogen peroxide H202 online. Now I am confused on how to get a batch how much water, 17.5% hydrogen peroxide, borax det do I use to make a batch for a dog approximately 50 lbs? thanks! Mary


What kind of borax? The roach and and killer kind or the laundry additive or...? Im very anxious to.find out as my baby is suffering from mange badly. If you could give me the type or brand or let me know if its the loose powder or the capsule or any info it would help a ton because i looked at Amazon and there where do many types i didn't know what top choose. Thank you stop much for posing this I do do not hasn't the money to take her top the vet again.


Borax is a laundry booster and can be found at Walmart or grocer stores.

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