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I've been putting tea tree oil on a tampon and wearing over night every other night and no luck. Tried running a bath and also putting tea tree oil in the bath and just sitting in it for a while and no change. I've had it for a few months now and I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone, I just want it gone but I can't bring myself to go to the doctors but it's getting to the point where it really is ruining my life because I refuse to go out other than going to work. :'(

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This was a hard thing for me to talk about even with my Dr. My husband encuraged me to write a letter explaining my embarasment with the symptoms how long I had the symptoms the difficulty I had talking about it and my questions to give to the Dr. This helped me. I didn't have to talke about it as much and they were much more descreate about how they treated me.


The medical response is a course of metronidazole, which can cause thrush and make you feel sick...there is a gel option which you insert vaginally. You shouldn't drink alcohol while taking either of these. I have an IUD, and having a period often triggers BV for me. Live yogurt inserted can work for me, but can be messy. best thing i ever tried is 'balance-activ' a small tube of gel inserted vaginally. Sold OTC in large chemists, online pharmacies or direct from manufacturer. Often recurs, so i keep some in the bathroom cabinet. (in the UK this is not a prescription medicine so most GPs can't prescribe it, but some GUM clinics offer it. Keep an eye out for the sample/trials available every now and then too. Good Luck :) xx

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