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So i had severe pain in my back molars from cavites so i seached the internet and found salt and oregano and garlic work some better than others so i combined all three salt garlic powder and oregano. with the hottest tap water and put in micowave for thirty seconds let steep for ten and used like mouthwash leaving in affected area aggitaing so often left in for five and reapeted three times surpisingly no pain after a min or immeaditlly after hope it helps

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This worked i broke 2 teeth on a mc donalds cheese burger.the pain was extreme im sure a nerve was exposed any how this worked just havealight pain now.i do recomend clove and cinamon with this.mixture.

Dr. Richa Sharma

It really works i applied salt and oregano and feeling relief, thank you ... hope i can sleep now. i have also taken pain killer i.e. combiflame


OMG This worked immediately. I have had severe constant tooth pain since yesterday. I found this website and your post about 5 min ago. I tried your mix with hot water, used as a mouth rinse and immediately felt no pain. I just washed my dishes and I am feeling great. I can actually get housework done now. Thank you so much :) I will totally recommend this to anyone who has tooth pain.


Take 6 ibu for inflammation gargle salt water Luke warm then 3 Percocet


Omg thank you so much this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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