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hey guys, I just wanted to share my experience with plantar warts. I had about 6 plantar warts on the bottom of my feet, with 4 big ones spread out, and 2 sattelitte ones off of one big one.

I bought all the goods to help me remove these: apple cider vinegar, spot band aids, tape, gorilla glue and salycylic acid plantar wart removers.

I hardly used the apple cider vinegar at all, and since i work it was difficult to have vinegar and gorilla glue applied. so my treatment plan went like this:

During work, I would put one salycylic acid spot sticker thing (i went to shoppers and bought their generic brand instead of dr scholes) on each wart, and covered it with cloth medical tape so it stayed in place. I would leave it on all day and even overnight until the next morning when i showered and reapplied the spots. I did this for about a week.

The areas around the warts started turning white after a while where the salycylic spot would be, which is a good sign. After a while I started applying gorilla glue to each wart, covered by a spot band aid, and i taped over it so it stayed in place. I would do this at night every 3 days or so since the other times I had the acid spots on them. One day, after bout 2 weeks, I pulled the gorilla glue off and a huge chunk of skin (the skin that turned white) came off with it... and the plantar wart was attached to the bit of skin! Then i clipped away all the excess white skin with nail clippers and reapplied acid for 2 or 3 more days to make sure it was gone. The gorilla glue only peeled off 2 of 6 warts, so then I used the clippers to peel back the white skin, which all came off easily and painlessly.

Since then, ive just applied polysporin and spot bandaids to the skin that was gone, and its been about a week and all the skin has healed over! I hope it doesnt come back, but it looks great so far .

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Kimmi D

How was the pain during your treatment. The pain is killing me, I've been walking on the side of my foot for 3 months as my plantar wart is dead center in my arch, so I can't put my foot flat. I just recently purchased and used Compound W freeze off. But I want to try your method, as its the best one I've read. I'm going to Miami in Mid March, and I can't imagine walking on the beach barefoot with this dang wart. Thanks for your story!

Kimmi D

did you still use the acid on the days that you didn't use the glue?


hi - what is gorilla glue? thanks

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