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I had a 2 small flesh colored bumps on the side of my penis near the base(acquired while wearinga condom i tihnk). didnt know it was a wart so i thought i removed it with tweezers only to find about a month later it wa twice the size! i was pretty bummed the first week and thought my sex life was over but this WILL pass and you will be back to feeling good VERY SOON.

it was soft and new so I tried ACV since I don't have any health insurance. I was deeply skeptical I dont really believe in herbal remedies. I dipped acv with a cotton ball while hold the cotton ball with my finger...finger turned pruned and wart turned white.did the saem for 3 days...both warts turned black so i continued only to find many tiny bumps around 6 sprung up...the biggest wart slushed off and scabbed again it wasnt going down without a fight. so i left it on for about 2 hours 3 days in a row and 3 days ago it turned into a white crater with yellow crust.

I think it was infected so i stopped put hydrogen peroxide and neosporing and lef tit alone for 2 days. today the tiny scabs are falling off and the first main wart is scabbed and look like its done for.

ACV will work, keep on applying it until you think you have damaged your skin. skin will scrotum and side of my penis was extremely dry thats why i applied neosporin and left it alone. having Genital warts is better than having just wwarts that are on your genitals.use acv i may take a 2 weeks or so to fully heal dont give up live through the pain.if you have insurance i'd probaly go get it froze though. ihad a hand wart that was froze and never came back. I dont think ACV works on brownish colored older warts. i have 4 tiny brown bumps in my pubes near my penis that didnt turn white the first 3 days so i stopped. ill try again and post back if it works.

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Im gonna try this, thanks so much for the post. Wish me luck!


what is avc? and where can it be purchased?


Mix ACV with alcohol, that'll also get the small brownish warts. They'll get smaller and then dissapear.


ACV is Apple Cider vinegar if you have been reading the articles and paying attention.


i have genital wars right now! mine were in the shape of line i just cut a piece of cotton ball just a little bit bigger than the line dip it in ACV rung it out just a little bit and put it on there and it stung so bad i almost cried but the reason it stung so bad was because the skin around it was raw and the vinegar was burning that skin but after a few days i put the cotton balls on now and its burn but very bearable i was only keep the cotton balls on for 15-30 minutes at first but now i keep the cotton balls on for 2-4 hours and im definitely seeing some good results mine have shrunk alot i still have them this is only my 3rd day and mine have shrunk alot i mean alot!! im still going and from the looks of things these will be gone by this Friday and today is Tuesday so Yes! the ACV is definitely working like a charm whoever says it doesnt work is a lie mines are working just fine!!


Just found out i had genital warts. I bought some ACV, cotton balls, and duct tape. i dipped the cotton balls in ACV put them on the warts and in 3 days they are already going down significantly. After the first day i put the ACV on the warts and the next day they turned white. i took a shower and noticed little skin was coming off of them and after i got out of the shower i put the cotton balls dipped in ACV back on the warts and then, the next day they started to get hard and dark brown almost black and skin started coming off of that too then the next day mine didnt fall off like everybody else mines shrunk i mean shrunk a whole lot and its only the 4th day i still have the warts but they are very small now and im thinking within a few more days the warts will be gone. i know i will still have the virus but im working on keeping my immune system healthy so i can keep myself at low risk of them coming back the ACV definitely WORKS!!!!!


I am female 23yrs old.About 5 months ago i noticed these small bumps,on my vagina lips.after doing some research on the internet,I was surprised to know it was genital warts.Last yr i found out my boyfriend had cheated on me before i developed warts,but to my surprise nothing happened to him.I am struggling with these little monsters and is the first time i have come across ACV traetment.guess i will start my treatment on this and so HOPE it works.


To female 23 years old ,

Don't give up on ACV because it worked on me and everyone else . Sometimes , men have GW virus but there is no any GW on them . There is no way we know they have it unless it is visible . Try to use Vaseline or neosporin to protect your skin. I'm a female and had treated my GW with ACV for 5 months . They were gone for 2 months now .
Good luck

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