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I don't have a remedy : but I think after doing some research that I have genital herpes.. I have several excruciatingly painful sores and I was hoping to find some homemade remedies..? I'm too afraid to tell my mom (my parents are very conservative) and I can't make an appointment to the doctor without her knowing.. Will this effect me in the long term if I don't go see a doctor and treat it from home? Or better yet, just wait for them to go away?

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If you have herpes you have herpes sweetie, no seeing a doctor won't change that, but there is a chance you have something else and you can better take care of yourself if you know for sure what you're dealing with... You may consider trying free clinics in your area, there is less of a paper trail.that way... But I would highly recommend talking to your parents, they may surprise you... If you do have this virus a support system is important, as is being able to talk about it and getting your feelings out... There is nothing bad about you and you shouldn't feel ashamed, you are still you.
BTW I am a conservative mother myself :)


I was suffering for years just as you are until I found a product called Fenvir which up to this point I can swear by. You may want to give that a try.

Good luck.

Second Verse

You don't say how old you are but you are at least old enough to have started educating yourself. As hard as it will be to do, I think you need to tell your folks. You have a responsibility to the rest of your family not to infect them. This is the right thing to do. And I can tell you as a Mom, I would be proud to know that my daughter is behaving like a responsible young woman by doing a very difficult thing. Of course, it's not on their top ten list of things they want to hear from their darling daughter, but you will be dealing with it more than likely on and off for the rest of your life. That sympathy and support from your family in the future will be well worth the uncomfortable discussion. If you are old enough to be having sex with someone, you need to woman up here! Your folks can't help but admire the young woman standing before them (after they get over the initial shock). Wish you well, and many blessings in the future!


Well said Second Verse! Wish I could rate your comment a 10 :)


I just found out that I probably have it... used to be a tramp but became a Christian 13 yrs sgo & stopped. I married a virgin 2 yrs later & now we are expecting our 3rd. I know my husband hasn't cheated. This is just one of the wages of sin, whether you believe it or not. My past, although forgiven, doesn't change the fact that I misused my body and it is now paying the price. I pray that my husband has never gotten it from me and that it won't get passed to our unborn child. This pretty much dashes my hopes for a vaginal birth (which is much safer than a repeat c-section, despite the propaganda). For all these years after becoming saved from hell, I've so badly wanted to warn everybody about the emotional devastation that comes from sex before marriage... I thought I'd been spared any physical effects until now. GOD mercifully did keep me from getting pregnant before my husband (we didn't sleep together until after marriage... that's important to God, which is why it was SUCH a big deal all through Jewish and NT scriptures to remain a virgin until marriage and faithful afterwards).

My point is that even though we've defiled the glorious bodies God gave us and are now being disciplined for it, if we turn our lives over to following Jesus and get baptized, we don't have to feel like hopeless pieces of trash anymore because we're not going to DO that kind of stupid stuff anymore and are following Him now! Trust me--or Him, actually-- It's *much much* more fun, even with Herpes, to do things His way. I'm speaking from experience. PLEASE STOP the stupid path you are on before it kills you and makes your whole life miserable!! I have the right to call it stupid because I have the gift and responsibilities of hindsight.

I'm finding out now so I can spread the message to everyone who reads this. That's my holy job. This is a thorn in my side, but God's grace makes it into something I don't have to worry about. I'm still not perfect now except in God's eyes... even less perfect, with this diagnosis!! I am trying to be, though, and I am still His princess and trying to warn others away from the path that will utterly destroy them (infinitely worse than the OB's), and maybe keep some precious part of His creation from suffering as we have BEFORE they make the mistake of having sex before marriage.


Do you have a plan parenthood in your area you can go to? Go to their website. or google plan parenthood. I understand, my parents are the same wat. But if you go to planparenthood is confidential.


Are you in college? If so, your school will have a health center you can go to and they will definately be able go help you out. Theres no cure, just pain relief. If you feel completely hopeless, obstain from sex, don't have sex, keep yourself healthy with vitamins and food, and wait untill youdo have the opportunity to see a doctor. All the drs going to do is give you meds to make your cold sore go away faster. Tell you info and thats it. Theres really nothing we can do except wait a week or more for them to go awsy. Its a virus, like a cold. I heard 'coconut juice' is an antiviral. Drink it. Also Oj has viramin c that fights viruses. Hang in there...


You have to go to a clinic they are free. NOONE WILL NO. You won't be able to hide the pain. I tried. OMG it hurt sssooo bad. I actually had to wrap the toilet seat with a towel and try not to barf the pain hurt so bad when I had to pee. Just look up your local clinic. Your privacy is totally kept. Your script you get from walmart. 4.00 that's all. But you have to get meds to get it under control.


To the born again Christian lady vaginal births are not uncommon for women with herpes I have herpes and I had a vaginal birth the doctor started me on valtrex a month before my due date and said as long as I have no sores when I was ready to give birth a vaginal birth is fine.


Herpes is a serious and recurring disease. It is important that you see or consult a Doctor. There are doctors available online that you can talk to or consult with and get some advise to put you in the right direction.There are natural and herbal remedies that you may have access to from home. One of the natural herb I will suggest is Hypericum Mysorense. Hope this helps. Wish you all the best.

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