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Maria Coronado! :)

Warm salt water and Baking soda is the way im telling you this because im doing it right now..yes it burns a hole lot but it goes away and it works hope it helps every one i know how you all feel sorry and good luck! :)

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How Soon Does It Go Away?


What Do You But It In?? Please I Need To Know ASAP!!! Please!!!!


Do you drink it,or just swish it around your mouth for a while?


Just did it, I went the hard way put a bit of baking soda right on the sore. Counted for 2 minutes, cried for 2 minutes but now pain it's almost gone.


I've used that like 10x this week, doesn't help


Baking soda just helps the pain go away for a bit but doesn't go away... My mom says to combine baking soda with a mint leaf, have yet to try this.


All canker sores eventually will go away. Baking soda can temporarily relieve the pain, but it does not make them go away or heal faster. It also does not appear to prevent them. I have dealt with them for over 30 years now and I have tried all sorts of experiments, including daily rinsing of baking soda in water. It did not prevent them.

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