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Kraig Church

Toothpaste relief for the worst toothaches of all

I have been experiencing the worst dental pain of my life recently because of a couple broken back teeth with exposed nerves. Today I read almost all the remedies posted here and went to the store n bought them all. Orajel paste and liquid and gel, clove oil, ibuprofins, you name and I guarantee I bought it but sadly nothing worked until the last item I had to try, Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste. I'm telling you right now, coming from someone who's literally injected his own gums and teeth at home with pain relievers, this was the best thing to happen to me in wks. Take a blob, not too much that you spoil dinner, and rub it in and around the cavity. I even left a blob inside a back molar with an exposed nerve and after 60sec I was smiling for the first time in wks. Please try it if nothing else works, it's helped me beyond belief n I know ill be able to last until my dentist appt on Monday.

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Can u use the baby numb thing for ur teeth

Deb H.

TY for your post. I have the same pain from broken back tooth and dentist appt isn't til Thursday! On my way to store now to try this. Thanks again, pain is awful!!

Manon Daigle

I aswell went with sensodyne rapid relief and rubbed the paste and it maintained my pain well,after I put some in a bottle with a bit of warm water and mixed well and as soon as the pain started up I would hold a mouth full on the affected side for a minute.


This was the best treatment for me. I thought that I was going to climb up the walls. I had tried everything from 7pm until 5am and i found your toothpaste solution. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I will never pay for those expensive numbing gel. Try it.


In my way to the shop to try this fingers crost it works for me to x

Kanae Tatsukeda

thank you so much. this really does work. i was in agonizing pain for the past week. This works like wonders. You just save my live !!!!!! Thanks


where can i get it?

Sleepless in The Bridge!

OMG!!! This actually worked! After 4 sleepless nights, I was able to get sleep last night. I will continue to apply until my root canal this Friday!!! Ty Ty Ty!!!!


I have been using sensodyne toothpaste for dental pain for awhile now. It truely is the best remedy and also the cheapest. Oragel does nothing but irritate and make worse long term. Continued use of sensodyne will stop all dental pain.


Thank you soo much I was in so much pain and this is the only thing that worked

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