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Believe it or not ice cream works for tooth pain. I have alot of bad teeth in my mouth and everytime one tooth stop hurting another one starts to hurt. After taken pain medicine with no relief I got desperate and thought if maybe I eat some ice cream it would take my mind off the pain. Well it worked! After eating 8oz cup of Edy's cookies and cream ice cream the pain was gone (I let the ice cream kind of melt at the top of my mouth and I think the coldness at the top of your mouth is what works and takes the pain away). I thought the first time was maybe a coincidence so the next time the toothache return I tried it again and again and it worked each time. This is not to replace a dentist just a way to provide relief when u are in terrible pain. Please post and let me know if it works for you.

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Thank you so much for the great advice really greatfull toothache was killing me I just took some ice put it in my mouth and the pain was gone .. Would have never thought of that ....... :) :D


Thanks! The cold ice cream does woneer...relieved me for few hours till I eat again. Now having another cold yoghurt.

Peter. H.

I did try what was suggested but my toothache didn't go, but thanks.


Just tried the ice cream and that worked wonders!!! Next ima try putting ice chips on the roof of my mouth and see how that works! Thank you for posting!!(:


You are a life saver!


I tried it and it does wonders

thank you very much

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