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I have Servere Hives since May 2012 and still dealing with it. I'm still trying to figure with doctors, to specialists etc..a cure or what or y cause of it all. so far I have been in hospital many times and it's just horrible. i have head to toe, which swell so bad. it's itchy but painful as well. I don't sleep either. I have done temporily relieve til body immunes to it and go to next relieve till i can conquer this. till time being i have done and still doing to help others with same problem-issue.
ice packs, icem cold showers, aveeno bath oil, lipakar bath soap, medicated cream, edication: bendrayal, reactine-ceitrizine, prednisone(steriods), check with doctor to do blood work some have either infection in blood stream can be a cause, some can have a skin testing as well, allergy test-dermotolgoist, drink cold water keep body cool inside and out, camiolle tea drink and apppy on skin-hives to refresh body-hives. heat tends to aggravate hives. salt water helps temporily relieve as well.hope this may help abit in the meantime. i fell for everyone that is going thru the samething i am going thru in life with servere hives and it's horrible that doctors come to the point of not listening or so. when they don't know or it's not in the book they give up. sad but true.

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