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Toothache is the worst ache in the world and I think everyone feels the same way !!! I had this toothache a while ago, and my study time was ruined ! I will take my midterms exam tomorrow ,.. grr .. Out of frustration, I searched the web for cure. Prior to this, I already took paracetamol,ibuprofen, gargle water with salt but still, the pain remains. So, after reading some of the remedies here, I tried the listerine and it kinda work . But, the best thing ever is the GARLIC CLOVE !!!! It was supposed to be my last option because I don't like the smell and taste , but since I can't bear it anymore, I gave it a shot and oohhllaaaa .. IT WORKS !!! You toothache buddies should experience the healing component of garlic clove . I can now study for my exams .. Thank you guys !! God bless everyone ! :D

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gary p



Sorry, I don't reallyunderstand by wat u mean by garlic gloov, do u mean eating garlic, and for how long will I eat before it stops?


lol heres ur sign sweetie... Im sorry I had to say that no sweetheart you hold it on the tooth thats aching really bad I guess until the pain stops sweetie...I know that just ground Cloves work to sweetie make sure you puyt it on the tooth that aches....


yeah i did exactly, just last night. but it wakes me up in the middle of the night, can't stand the pain need to take another pain reliever. 1st time ever in my whole life i experienced this bloody toothache, so bad! i hate dentist and especially hate paying too expensive just to have a look.
but garlic really the best! helps pain.


wow that really worked thanks, i got to finish my supper and eat it to! :)

shelly :-)

OMW! I awoke with this HORRIBLE toothache my remedy for a really bad toothache is wet your finger after you wash it and get a Asprin melt it with your finger and put it directly onto the bad tooth, it WILL go away in 3 seconds I PROMISE

Lorraine D.

Pure clove oi on a gauze pad take about had of a 2x2 an have a few drops(6 to 10-depending on drop size!)IT will TASTE TERRIBLE ! 10 to 20 secs hold in place and then remove- ache is gone!!!. and can be repeated if necessary!!!!!Amazing!!! no side effects except bad taste!

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