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Have a massive hole in a back tooth which I've ignored for a while but is now demanding all my attention!! I've been climbing the walls!!
The nighttime is the worse.. Painkillers don't help much. The only thing I have is brandy so when the pain is really intense a mouthful of brandy, held over the tooth for a minute really helps deaden the pain, it doesn't go completely but enough to get to sleep. Another tip, don't lie on the affected side, it adds to the pressure. Prop yourself up with a hot water bottle lightly against your face. Can't wait to get this sucker pulled tomorrow. Good Luck to you all.. Feeling your pain x

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I have a half rotten tooth on the leth back side it gots a big hole in it how can i remove it at
Home can't take the pain no more help me ppl




Google free dental day if you can't afford to go to dentist.

Brush & floss daily.

Avoid sugar.

Drink lots of water.

Try clove oil for pain.

Try peppermint oil.

Use coconut oil to pull teeth.

Eat a healthy diet.

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