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My Dad suffered from Leg Cramps for years. He tried everything he heard about. Then he found the cure that worked for him. Drink some 'Dill Pickle juice.' I never heard a complaint about Leg Cramps from him again.

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I have tried drinking pickle juice and it works well. In a few minutes the cramp is gone.

Frank DiStefano

I'm 75 and sometimes too active. After playing golf, I often get leg cramps. Even though I drink alot of magnesium in water, it often doesn't help. I had serious thigh muscle cramps today. After I finally got it to stop, I had an urge for a dill pickle. I never eat pickles; I didn't know why I even wanted a dill pickle..until I just read your home remedy.


The pickle juice works I have leg cramps from top all the way down to my foot. After pickle juice Leg cramps are gone.


how to prepare dill pickle juice


How to prepare that pickle juice & what is the dosage? That will helpful for my dad. Thanks


I woke with a little twitching in my calf one morning I had to go to work early. It was only a little, but evenly reoccurring, every minute!
I don't like dill pickles so didn't have any at home, but as soon as I got to work a coworker showed me the jar in the fridge... the pickles were almost gone, and lots of juice left, so I poured out a half cup (4 ounces) and slowly drank it while praying it would work. Within a few minutes I realized there was no more twitching!


Life saver! I had cramps all over fingers, legs and back. I was about to go to the ER when I came across this remedy. I drank the pickle juice right out of the jar after a few swigs, the painful cramps began to subside and within 3-5 minutes cramps were gone. I had been dealing with this since about 3 pm in the afternoon til 1230am. Thanks for the post. It was very helpful!

Eric C

I have also tried this, and it works very well. I used to get waken up at night with leg cramps. I also drink rum, and this causes the cramps, but the pickle juice works very well.


I know the pickle juice works very well. The vinegar seems to be a common thread through these post. I have used both while at sea on extended voyages, when nothing was available.

Vinegar also worked well for myself and others to check severe Diarrhea after exposure to a stomach flu virus.


My cousin was in the hospital after having a kidney transplant, and got terrible leg cramps. Her doctor told her mother to get her some dill pickle juice to drink. It worked, and I have been doing it ever since. Works every time.

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