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My best friend gave me lice. I have medium thin/thick straight hair. She has really thick hair. I knew she had it, and so did m parents. I tried the whole, 'My other friend might have it, so me and you going to treat our hair just in case' thing, and I even gave her a spray to go home and spray her room down. Let's just say, that was at least a year ago, and her infestation os way worse now. She's had it as long as we've been friends (at least 6 years). I didn't want to go out and buy the expensive and dangerous treatment, so I looked on this site. I combined most of the things I read about: distilled white vinegar, olive oil, mayonnaise, WD-40 (believe me, it works for dogs on fleas), Dawn dish soap (HAS to be blue, I don't understand why though), and conditioner (Herbal Essence, but I don't think the brand matters much). I didn't put in any specific amount, just until I felt it was right. I then put my hair up into a bun and let it sit for 30 minutes. I took it out, brushed it out, and got into the shower. I rinsed and washed with the Dawn to make sure I got everything out. I used a LOT of conditioner, flipped my head over (while still in the shower, conditioner still in my hair), and I combed over and over, pulling out tons of dead bugs and nits. I rinsed out the comb every few times. Then I rinsed out the conditioner. I brushed it out after I got out of the shower, and combed through again, wiping the comb on a white towel (to see the bugs). That was all a few hours ago, and I've been so relieved of the non-itchiness! I wil do it again in a few days.

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The fact that you haven't told your friend is horrible, you've been friends for almost 6 years and never thought to tell we she has head lice!!!! I feel sorry for your friend, you need to immediately tell her, coming from the same situation my friend was enternaly grateful that I told her and she could fix the problem!! You NEED to tell her!!!!!!!!!


Tell your friend


How could someone not realize they have had lice for six years?

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