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This morning I was cooking biscuits in the oven and I needed to move them over to put hash browns in there and forgot to use an oven mitt or anything else and got first degree burns on my middle, index, and thumb finger. I looked on this website and I found the honey vanilla camomile tea bag, flour, cold water, and mustard. I tried the flour and mustard because lots of people recommended it, it felt a little better, but still stung so I tried the camomile tea bag and it only worked when the water was cold but the tea bag felt good. After a while the tea bag broke a little and I felt the inside an it felt very relieving if you don't scuffle around in the tea bag. After all that I mixed it all together in a small bowl. Mustard and flour until it's a paste, squeeze the juice out of the camomile bag, open it and pour a little bit of the tea into the paste until it's the thickness of finger paint. After you've got all that in a bowl dump a small amount of cold water in the bowl. I had to go to school in like an hour and it felt great after I left my fingers in there for about half an hour. Hope this helps anyone that's got a first degree burn.

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