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Hey Guys,
I wanted to share what I'm doing about my GW. I have had this for a long time since about 14 years old (I'm 34 at the moment) around the head of the penis. I didn't have success with ACV. I was getting frustrated with it, I ran into this site and I started reading different techniques to attack it.

So far what has worked for me was using matches and blowing them off and quickly putting it on the wart, the only thing was that it seemed to take quite a few times to do it in one spot for it to work, so it was very painful. I had tried to burn it all off, but I think I didn't spend enough time doing it on each area affected, since in some areas they seemed to come back. I believe the reason was that it didn't get to the root of the wart.

So I tried the 'Walgreens Wart Remover Liquid' which is about $6.99

I used it on 3 different days, and right now the skin seems to be looking better. I'm gonna have to keep checking it to see how it goes or if I need to keep applying the liquid which contains
Salicylic Acid (17.5%)Water Removal

I'm starting to feel better now that the skin looks clear of the nasty GW, for once in a very long time.
I should probably mention that I take multivitamin, along with Elderberry supplement pills, with Zinc, vitaming C, and vitaming D.

I would apply the salicylic acid (Walsgreens Liquid wart remover) with the brush that comes with it, all around the area covered with the warts, and the skin would start to peel off in the next couple of days, try not to apply on healthy part of the skin.
I should mention that it could be painful, it usually burns for about 3-10 mins.
But it burned it all quickly, so I think it may be worth the pain.

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William Michael

I read the label of the Walgreens' liquid wart remover, and there was the warning not to use on genital warts. So, I'm just wondering if the warning should be ignored based on your experience.


that sounds harmful and painful.

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