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I feel that god gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. It sucks that some people can get away sleeping with a different person every night and not get anything. I dated a guy for 5 years and found out he cheated on me. I got tested right away for everything and was clean. It took me a while to trust a guy again and when i finally started seeing a new guy a year later i trusted him enough to sleep with him (protected, none the less). And ofcourse..a week later i wake up to severe pain. Run to the bathroom take one look down there and my heart drops. I knew what it was. I had the sores, burning urination, inflammation, and sore lymph nodes. There was no worse feeling in the world. The only thing keeping me going is hope. Hope that there is one guy out there who will understand that I'm not a dirty slut i was just lied to and deceived by a dishonest person. That is what happens to most of us who get this terrible virus. After a while i realized im going to have it no matter what, so if i do have it..I'd rather have it without pain. Ive tried a bunch of remedies and here is what i found helps most.

I got sores so bad I couldn't walk..I rubbed vaseline all over and got immediate relief.
Then i found out that sores heal faster when they are dry so it is better to use cornstarch/baking soda for relief
After I shower i put tea tree oil or propolis on the wounds and then cornstarch while i sleep (since i move around a lot when i sleep and the pain would wake me up)
In the morning i shower again and repeat the same process, it definitely is 100x better then leaving them untreated
Im looking for more ways to prevent the outbreaks tho, and stop burning during urination WHICH IS THE WORST. Help if any ideas!

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Supplement and eat foods with lysine. It helps keep it at bay. Avoid foods with l-arginine.


When I had my first outbreak I used a spray bottle with water when I urinated. I would spray down there when I peed and it diluted my ursine enough so it wouldn't burn. Use warm water! It was the only thing that kept me from having to get a catheter!


I have had trouble urinating, and this may sounds nasty but I either pee in the shower or I apply After Shave gel that has lidocaine in it. The lidocaine burns for 8 sec then it's numb.

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