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There is a cure for asthma believe it or not. It's simple but yet no one wants to bother trying it because they feel it's too much work. BEETS! Raw beets is the answer. A friend of the family came over to my house one day and we were talking about asthma and she told me all I had to do was go buy fresh beets and put them in the juicer and juice fresh beets. Drink 3 8oz glasses a day. I did this for 5 days in a row. I was so grossed out and sick of beets but it works. It's amazing. You simply peel the skin off and put them in the juicer and juice it just like you would do with carrots. By the 6th day the muscus/phglem disappears and no more asthma. Can't believe how amazing a simple vegetable like that works. But you need to juice them daily and drink it fresh. Although I have been lazy at times and I would juice enough to last me for 2 days. Try it if you no longer want to use an inhaler. I have to say when I smell beets I do get grossed out, but it's amazing that it works.

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The red beets. I have tried this and they work.

Nancy Smith

yes! Raw food cures many ailments. Beets sounds good. Thanks


I have asthma since I'm 7 years old. I suffered with asthma all my life. I am now 67 years old. I had asthma attack two times in my life time that nearly killed airway passage close up & I can't breathe...I was also coughing up excess mucous that it almost choke me to death.

So I tried anything people tell me that it will help curb asthma.

I tried drinking the raw beet juice 3 times a day for 5 days...but it did NOT work for me. I am still coughing up a lot of mucous/phelgm from my

lungs. I am still wheezing.

I guess there is no hope for me to get rid of my asthma.

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