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There is a cure for asthma believe it or not. It's simple but yet no one wants to bother trying it because they feel it's too much work. BEETS! Raw beets is the answer. A friend of the family came over to my house one day and we were talking about asthma and she told me all I had to do was go buy fresh beets and put them in the juicer and juice fresh beets. Drink 3 8oz glasses a day. I did this for 5 days in a row. I was so grossed out and sick of beets but it works. It's amazing. You simply peel the skin off and put them in the juicer and juice it just like you would do with carrots. By the 6th day the muscus/phglem disappears and no more asthma. Can't believe how amazing a simple vegetable like that works. But you need to juice them daily and drink it fresh. Although I have been lazy at times and I would juice enough to last me for 2 days. Try it if you no longer want to use an inhaler. I have to say when I smell beets I do get grossed out, but it's amazing that it works.

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I want to say THANK YOU for posting this! It was a close call to the ER after numerous breathing treatments and daily inhalers intake. My mum ran to the store and brought back some organic beets, we made a juice and not even 10 minutes later the tightness and inability to breathe was gone! Great anti-inflammatory! I will be drinking another 8oz tomorrow morning and at night and also add it daily to my diet! God bless you! I can breathe again :)

Khaleel, Islamabad

Hi, Thanks for posting this, I have this seasonal ashtama (terrible) - Pollen allergy. Been sufferring since last 3 seasons but this season I tried fresh BEET juice and on the 4th day I could breath normally. I even went to the high pollen area (office) and came back home as normal. I continued drinking this regularly for 12 days. My coughing ceased in 2 weeks but Ashtama was cured on the 4th day. After 12 days I am not so regular but drinking this atleast alternate day. I added 1 big lemon to the juice and its tastes much better and also the high oxalate (debate) content in BEET can be minimized by adding 1 or 2 lemon juice to it, it also adds vitamin C.

Thanks again for the post.


Thank you so much for post that! I can't take the medicine for asthma, the reaction are terrible. I found this site and save me..I started take beets yesterday, today I feel almost 100% great, I'm drinking 2 times a day..I need to say thank you so much for post this, this will help so many people. God bless you!


What's BEETS? Is it beetroot?


can i make a beetroot smoothy with yoghurt too. will it be as successful?


does it have to be fresh beet? is pickled or vacuum packed ok too?

Lord Wilford Featherbottom III

NEVER MIX BEETS WITH YOGURT, YOU WILL DIE!!! If you're posting a question on a website asking if it's ok to make a beet/yogurt smoothie, then you MUST believe me when I tell you how dangerous this is. Beets and yogurt are the two main ingredients in deadly Mustard Gas. Oddly there is only a little yellow mustard in mustard gas, it's mostly yogurt and beets. Each by themselves is perfectly safe, but do not ever combine them.


Do you think blending beets in a blender or food processor would work, and drink that? I don't have a juicer.


Mustard gas is sulfur mustard you can mix beets with yogurt but the cream in the yogurt worsens my breathing


Pls which type of beets is it the white or the red one pls

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