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I was diagnosed with genital Herpes last year 2012. After 2 weeks of painful outbreaks, frustration, embarrassment etc. I decided to start taking Olive leaf extract (15+% Oleuropein). I took high dosages to begin with for about a month and slowly the symptoms started disappearing. I no longer have symptoms and I have been eating bad foods just to see if I can trigger any kind of reaction and no reactions is the result. I will keep taking it for a while longer and then get retested. No lesions and no 'Tingling' sensation whatsoever, it feels good to be back.

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Where do you buy it?? How often do yoi take it thanks


We import the original high strength olive leaf extract available at We have also introduced olive leaf tea bags that have proved to be very useful see Michael North - The Olive Oil Man

goodluck :/

i have been living with GH for 7 years now, let me tell you, it's not easy:(my stress level is at an all time high at this point in my life. i've been through some un-explainable depression in the last few months that require some heavy mediacations, possibly having to do with my has nothing to do with my sex life and that almost makes it worse. ive not found any of these natural remedies to be sucesfull, but WITCHAZEL, yes my aunt is a witch. that makes no difference to me, but she uses it on everything. and ive come to find that it work well on my face for acne, i also have a rare skin disorder called foliculitus that it cures almost instantly and has had a severe improvment on my GH.
TRY IT, no pain or harsh chemicals involed, you can find it at almost any store under the name of'dickinsons' WHITCHAZEL- no pressure, no embarssment, no of luck fellow readers


This site has tons of great research and can explain the differences between HSV1 and HSV2 which you may have. Could also be foliulitis or some other skin condition. If you do test positive for Herpes, it is not the end of the world....

I have HSV2 and have found significant relief by using 1) keeping stressers to a minimum 2) balance healthy diet with steady exercise and 3) using viradux-au or other anti-herpetic creme. These researchers are coming up with novel treatments and vaccines. It is all very cutting edge. I think they will have a complete cure soon. if not already.... i have been outbreak free for 8 months!!! Hope this helps!


Has anyone tried L-Lysine...for GH? You can buy it at Walmart for like $5! I was having o.b.s 2x a month. I have a lot of stress in my life... found out I had GH I developed a coke habit...anyway long story short..shit really works. I have o.b. only once every 4 months. And that is in a really stressful life style. Also heard about bht. Same person that told me about l lysine. He told me has not had an ob in 5 yrs. Also stay away from peanuts...good luck!

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