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Ladies, please stop inserting pills, yogurts, garlic, etc. intravaginally and taking cocktails of pills daily.

Try this instead:

Make a solution of half 3% hydrogen peroxide and half water (Amount does not matter. It's however much you feel you need to make for one cleaning.), and douche with it in the shower everyday for a week (lay on the shower floor and allow it to settle in your vagina for a few minutes before standing up to rinse). Follow up with douching for the next two weeks anytime you suspect you are having symptoms. After that, do it as needed.

I did this over a month ago, I stopped doing it after the third week, and I can honestly say that I have not had one symptom of BV for a month. Even after intercourse, of any kind. It cost me less than 5 dollars. No messy yogurt tampons, cutting and inserting pills, no cocktail of pills to swallow. Try this, see how it works for you. I will never set foot in the doctors office again. All the antibiotics do is strip away all bacteria, thus allowing the bad bacteria to resurface again. The peroxide kills the bad bacteria while allowing the good to thrive. The good bacteria produces trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide to ward off bad bacteria, so the peroxide won't kill the good. It's our bodies own natural defense. Here we are helping our bodies along with the process. For some reason our body is not allowing adequate time for this chemical to be produced, giving the bad bacteria time to flourish.

To anyone new that is seeking out remedies, I suggest trying this first before running out to the health food store and pharmacy to load up on expensive pills and vitamins. Probiotics are a dollar a pill. $30.00 for a 30 day sample. Think about it. You have nothing to lose here with this option and you probably have everything you need already in your house.

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Agree with Nikki, but doing it just once with peroxide and then water seems to work. After put probiotic/ acidophilus paste on tampon and insert for an hour. Heard that that will help bring the good bacteria back after using the diluted peroxide.


I found an article on Pubmed (online medical journal resource). It had a study that gave 140-some women with BV a one time hydrogen peroxide douche tratment. 2 weeks later, 67% of the women were BV free. I treated myself two days in a row...just to be sure. So far all my BV symptoms are gone.


I've always been leery of douching... I thought it just pushes the bad bacteria further back up.

This is just a hot mess

Ive done this and it didint work and i dont see how i even i even have bv when i havent even had sex someone help me for god sakes this is embrarrasing!


I try this and it worked!! Thank you!!


I’m new to this! I HATE BV! I know it doesn’t matter as long as the ratio(peroxide50% & water50%)! But how much should I use in general? I don’t wanna get carried away & wash my insides out!


To the girl who said she doesn't know how she has it because you never had sex. It isn't transmitted through sex there are many ways you can get BV without ever having sex. Are you sure you have BV? What did your doctor say.


Well nikki your remedy seem to be the easiest i just tried it with my fingers crossed i really hope this works..

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