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There's a good chance that many of you (like me) have a peri-oral dermatitis to the fluoride in you toothpaste. I tried a million remedies but it would always come back. Since changing to fluoride free toothpaste my lip area is almost normal.

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Since mid November I have delt with a burning, itchy red rash (very small bumps around my lipline) and cracks in the corner of my mouth. Many websites on AC and on contact dermatitis have been very helpful from the cleaning my mouth/lips with dish soap to anti fungal creams to using Vaseline, to daily vitamins, I did all these after I wasted $200 at the clinic for a medicine that caused the rash to spread completely around my mouth and down my chin. I was so humiliated and all this during the holidays. Then I read on allergy reactions and the only change I had made was my toothpaste. I read about the allergy reactions back in January and stopped using that brand and went back to what I have always used. I stopped washing the rash and it caused a lot of white flakes as it dried out. A website on contact dermatitis suggested to let this happen and not pick the flakes. It is February and now I am healed! I use Vaseline every two hours on my lips, drink lots of water, and take my vitamins. I really felt that I would have to live with that pain the rest of my life, I am just so thankful that through reading many posts that I narrowed it down to my first known allergic reaction, a toothpaste. I hope this will help other as so many have help me find hope and healing. And to those that have suffered months and years, I hope you find what is causing it because only having it 3 months was unbearable, I could not imagine dealing with the pain and humility for years. Thank you everyone for your questions and posts!

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