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use 100% pure lanolin (natural) with only one ingredient which has cured my severely chapped lips. I'll be using it forever.

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Where I can buy it ? Thanks so much


Better work bitches


what's with the profanity! I was trying to be helpful. Let's try to keep this clean and make this place a better world.


I bought mine from puritan's pride. the lanolin is by now. I bought it for $5.40 with a 10% discount and free shipping. Without the discount, it would have been $6. They have the 10% discount like once a month.


You can buy pure 100% lanolin oil on Ebay. CreamSelling is the seller I use for most of my oils. I may test out Jojoba oil also, since it mimics the body's natural sebum, or oil that our bodies produce to help seal in moisture on our skin. While I've found the perfect body lotion, my lips are nearly always chapped, regardless of me eating well, drinking lots of water (I finish 20oz in 2 hours) and take vitamins regularly. I even take Biotin for skin & hair. Dry lips seem to be very topical for me, not internal.

Ironically, wearing a moisturizing lipstick seems to help keep my lips mostly healed, but I'd sooner use something that won't leave lipstick marks everywhere, and is 100% natural.


Your post is confusing because you said the lanolin 'cured' you but you'll 'be using it forever'? How is that being cured if you have to keep using it?


It was obviously meant that it cured her chapped lips temporarily and when they get chapped again, she will once again use the product.

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