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I was diagnosed with GH 19 years ago. The initial OB was 3 weeks long and I was so sick. I had OB's every few weeks for a few years. Some weren't so bad, and some hit me quick. One minute I was feeling great, and the next I was down with the fever/flu-like symptoms, then the actual blisters. So a year ago, I have the worst OB (after having GH for 18 years) since the initial. In fact, I thought it might be worse than the initial. I now know it was all the stress I was going through. It lasted 3 weeks. Now, a year later (19 years with GH), I have OB on top of least 2, maybe 3 and this is week 4. Since I don't have prescription drug coverage, my gyno suggested using Vaseline instead of the Acyclovir cream (VERY expensive). I've gone through a bottle. I do take Acyclovir daily, and increase when I feel an OB coming on (if I know) and during. It doesn't seem to be helping. I'm trying not to stress, but it's easier said than done. I already take Xanax, and have just started going to a counselor. I can say this....most of the stress is NOT self-induced, so what can I do? However, the Vaseline has been a God-send. I'll probably end up calling my gyno tomorrow as the hubby asked me tonight if he knew how long this had been going on. He thinks my immune system is compromised since I'm still continuing to have OB's. On this blog is the first I've read about ph-balance, alkaline, etc.

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Read the book never an outbreak


Use apple cider vinegar on the cotton ball several times a day - it is a cheap miracle.The outbreak will heal in 2 days and disappear.


At 34 I was diagnosed with full blown aids, herpes, hepatitis B all from the first man I slept with at 18. My immune system is so low I only have 50 antibodies fighting the viruses in my body. I have only had 4 outbreaks n 4 yrs by eatting right also as soon as i get one bump i treat it with silver biotics u can get at any health store i use a dropper n let it soak on n for pain i use tea tree oil.

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