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Brittany dunn

Ive tried alot of these remedies on here and some of them work and some dnt. My teeth pain is so bad that my ears hurt along with my mouth. I have found what works best for me till i can afford to see a dentist is cough suppressants. Cough drops or bezsonatate( which is a prescribe pill) work wonders. Just put them by or in the tooth and let it dissolve. The benzonatate will numb everything and takes the pain away as well as cough drops. Also chloraseptic works well to. Spray it on tissue or cotton swab and bute down on it and it numbs the pain. Works for hours and some times even for days. Hope this works for you!!!

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Thank you soooo much. I tried the chloraseptic cough drops and helped in minutes.


The cough drop took the edge off thanx


they make mine worse. always have. they are also why my teeth are so bad, ill get sick for like months at a time esp when pregnant and ill have to have cough drops in m y mouth 24/7 and even the sugar free kind break down and destroy my teeth from sucking on them all the time same as candy does.

so use this advice with caution people. they are a nightmare for my teeth.

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