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Richard Quigley

OK, zero cutting, zero prying at nail, zero pulling. I treated a well advanced, ingrown toenail very simply.

1. Tiger Balm - white if possible
2. Betadine solution for the home small yellow bottle ( if you can't get this, just try washing in salt water)
3. A plaster

apply betadine first to the ingrown area, let it say until dry, around 2 mins. (or wash in luke warm salt water for 5 mins, and dry)

apply tiger balm until the area around in the ingrown bit is covered

just put a plaster around it

Do this morning after you wake up and at night before bed for 2 weeks and the nail with grow out.

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This home remedy is amazing and worked for me! I saw signs of improvement after a couple of days


Well I'm back again for an update! Thank God it worked! I am so happy right now. The only thing I did different is I soaked my foot in Epson salt instead of using the betadine. The nail grew out and I was able to cut it and now I have no pain at all. Thank you so much for posting this because I did not want to go to the doctor.

I am passing this information on to everyone I know.

Blessings to you and Merry Christmas!


Bought Tiger balm today and my mother will start with it tomorrow morning. I promise to report in two weeks.


Ok, I am back again with a question.
How long do you keep this on your toe in order to work?
My mother said it hurt too much and took it off. So she only had the bandaid on her toe for 2-3 hours.


I kept mine on until I soaked my foot again. It might hurt in the beginning but it stopped for me. Tell her to keep trying it will get better.


I could not find the tiger balm....will any other similar balms work??my condition is severe and very painful


Hi I was just wondering if you just put the tiger balm on your whole toe or just the ingrown toenail part


After having gone through a very painful op to remove ingrown toenail on left foot didn't want to go through it again when struck other toe. After searching for home remedies on net came across this. Followed it religiously & success after 2 weeks! Thoroughly recommend it - I soaked in epsom salt then white tiger balm and bandaged twice a day. Success! Yay. & Thanks.


Ohhhh..gonna try this remedy..mine is painful now,it also has some pus..does this work?anyone who tried with wounded toe?hope you can answer me..thankyou

ice flower

i only have the dark tiger balm but i'm going for it, unless there's some reason why I shouldn't be using it?

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