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Richard Quigley

OK, zero cutting, zero prying at nail, zero pulling. I treated a well advanced, ingrown toenail very simply.

1. Tiger Balm - white if possible
2. Betadine solution for the home small yellow bottle ( if you can't get this, just try washing in salt water)
3. A plaster

apply betadine first to the ingrown area, let it say until dry, around 2 mins. (or wash in luke warm salt water for 5 mins, and dry)

apply tiger balm until the area around in the ingrown bit is covered

just put a plaster around it

Do this morning after you wake up and at night before bed for 2 weeks and the nail with grow out.

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I did this for about two weeks, and now my ingrown toenail is gone!! Thanks so much!! I'm going to recommend this for anyone who has an ingrown toenail.


The tiger balm works!! From Singapore


This did not work for me. It didn't help at all.


Yes!! I have been back at the chiropodist and he also was amazed that the nail was growing out again. Thanks to whoever posted this cure and good luck to everyone else trying it. Billy - Scotland


when you mean by the toenail will come off, do you mean the ingrown part or the whole nail and it will grow back?

Mark -Sydney

I tried this and my whole toe dropped more ingrown toenails but I keep falling over now

Florence Paul- South Sudan

Thank you for discovering this valuable treatment. I had surgery thrice on my right toe to remove the re-curring ingrown never cured for close to 9 months.When my left toe nail started digging too!!! last month,i was devastated....i am glad my desperate search for treatment met your remedy. I could not get Tiger Balm so i used a similar brand called Dragon Balm.I used it for 2 weeks...believe me it worked for both toes!. A million thanks.


My Mother-In-Law is suffering from the same too. I havent tried this yet, but the response for your remedy shows it all. I will ask her to try this from today. Will update again looking at the result. Thanks in advance.


I was in a lot of pain sometimes I could not wear closed in shoes because the pain was so bad. After just a few days of trying the Tiger balm I am just about pain free. I can wear my shoes again with no pain. Thank you so much for posting this. After two weeks I will post again.


How does it work? I soaked my feet in hot water and Epsom salt this morning before finding this post. Then I had both tiger balm and band aids on hand so I put them on. Feels very cooling and soothing, but how does it make the nail grow out.? And should I get the betadine? What does that do?

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